Fall 2014 - RMAF 2014 and Kaiser Acoustics!

We're currently attending the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2014 with Goldmund. Come visit our room!

With Michel Reverchon, Goldmund CEO, exhibiting the new Goldmund ProLogos Plus Wireless speaker, a ground-breaking new product that sets the standard for ultra high-end wireless sound!

Latest products carried by Rhapsody Music & Cinema: Kaiser Acoustics from Germany. Call us for more information at (212) 229-1842.

Summer 2014 -- Latest Products

The stunning Absolare electronics are available through Rhapsody Music & Cinema.

Bloomberg TV features Mark Rosen's Goldmund System

A Cool $1M: Meet the World's Most Expensive Stereo

Kondo Audio Note at Rhapsody Music & Cinema

What I can say is that the Kondo Audio Note Overture is an extraordinary integrated amplifier. The one word that constantly came to mind was: purity. I can easily say that it is by far the best integrated design I've heard and certainly competes with the best separates.

Key Kim, StereoTimes


Previous Updates: Acoustic System International

We are VERY PROUD to announce that we have been selected to represent the Acoustic System International (ASI) suite of products. ASI and its principal Franck Tchang offer a very special suite products, as well as groundbreaking technologies. Please take a look at Franck's offerings at FranckTchang.com or click on the Acoustic System International link from the drop down HiFI menu on this page. We are currently exploring the amazing capabilities of the "acoustic resonator" technology. We already have the acoustic resonators installed in our showroom and to say that we are "believers" in the technology is a vast understatement. One of the most interesting facets of the technology is how that it transcends the audio application area. Please give us a call if you would like additional information on any of the ASI offerings.

As you probably notice, we've also undertaken a website redesign. Our old site was getting unwieldy to update, especially since we're adding more products to our line card. We're also very excited to see that a top turntable manufacturer, Acoustic Signature has joined our suite of product offerings. We currently have the reference "Ascona" turntable in our Manhattan showroom.

Highlights: Kondo, Acoustic Signature



Manufacturing Showcase

Check out our new feature gallery for Kaiser Acoustics!

NEW Products

Check out the HiFi+ review of the Acoustic Signature Ascona and call for an audition!

Showcase: Miguel's Crib


Past Events

Rhapsody Music & Cinema shall be hosting three rooms at the New York Audio Show 2013 which runs from April 12-14, 2013 at the New York Palace Hotel.

Room 1111. Kondo Audio Note Japan Ltd. Biyura speakers and electronics ♦ Pi Greco CD Player ♦ Kondo Ginga turntable ♦ Kondo cabling

Room 1110. Raidho Acoustics D1 speakers ♦ Merrill Veritas Amplifiers with Kondo G70 preamplifier ♦ Pi Greco CD Player ♦ Acoustic Signature Storm turntable ♦ Ansuz cabling

Room 1109. Vivid Audio G3 speakers ♦ Mola Mola electronics ♦ Pi Greco CD player and a Luxman DSD DAC ♦ Kubala Sosna cabling

We hope to see you there!

Hot Item!

I thought about dividing this (Best of Show) award among several very worthy contenders, but the truth is that one speaker sounded more like the absolute sound than any of the others—and not by a small margin. That speaker is the new Raidho D1.

Jonathan Valin, CES 2013 Show Report




One of the most compelling attributes of my Goldmund system is that I can listen to music that I like, not only audiophile recordings, regardless of the quality of the recording, because even poorly recorded cd's sound incredible!

Mark Rosen